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'Interior' month

'Interior' month

October 'Interior' month, the perfect time to furnish your home cozy and warm after the summer..
Don't just think about accessories, but also about a new floor in the bedroom or design your own carpet using carpet tiles.

For this month we have extended the mid-season sale:
Carpet tiles from the Collection Heuga 727 in different colors.
from € 5.00 per tile for € 3.75 per tile Look below here for the mid-season sale

Let’s get inspired!
- View the possibilities to design your own carpet see here how to do that!
- Brighten up a room with our Visual Code collection. look here for the complete collection
- Be surprised by LVT, this PVC tile is specially designed to combine with carpet tiles. view all LVT here
- Get ideas on our inspiration page.
look here for existing projects
- Or take a look at our complete collection and get inspired! view our collection here

Here are a few more carpet tiles from our collection highlighted:

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